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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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couldn't forecast her own arrest next couldn't forecast her own >> millions of people may come to see the pope but the parkway
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will only hold 250,000 for mass next sunday. meanwhile we're 7 days and ten hours from at rifle of pope francis. it's friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is an eye-opening bit of information from the secret service. if a million people come to the mass and festival the night before most of them won't make it to parkway there just is not room. jeff skversky is live overlooking parkway tonight and jeff you got these details. >> hey jim a million people can and have fit on the mile long parkway in past. but not for this event. security is tighter and more areas are off limits to the public and that means far fewer people will get anywhere near the altar. >> outside the basilica excitement is building for papal visit now just a week away. >> once in a lifetime. >> very excited i cannot wait.
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>> i have francis fever. >> papal preparing for celebration like none other that has construction crews working late into the night on the ben franklin parkway. >> i hope it's big. i think it should be. it's like -- it seems like city is preparing for a party. >> how big. mayor nutter said he expect a million milligrams to attend sunday mass and secret service now estimate less than 300,000 will fit on parkway with any chance of seeing the pope even from a distance. and 0,000 in ticketed area in red and another 150 to 200,000 in on access purple area south of 20 to city hall and meeting many people without tickets may not get anywhere near the parkway. that does not phase michelle brigand. >> i do not have tickets but i might just walk up and just see and feel and watch it on one of the large tvs. i'm very excited for the city. and top have the pope here it's an honor. >> unlike major concerts like
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live aid in july 2005 area for spectators will be narrow. lanes of parkway will be off limits to the public for security reasons and secret service warns it could take two to three hours for people to get through security checkpoints and these catholics say that might scare away some and not them. >> no he's world leader and he is most powerful man in world. >> people who have decided they're coming will get here. >> and world meeting of family officials say they will turn no one away. there will be tvs strategically placed through the city that you can watch the mass on. officials say it's all part of the experience and being together hole ingdz hands singing together and prying together. on steps of art museum jeff chirico "channel 6 action news". >> a stretch of the ben franklin parkway is shutting down tomorrow morning.
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inner drives closed down and 6 a.m. tomorrow moist the 20th to kelly drive will close down. you'll vl to go through neighborhood streets in fairmont and those from martin luther king -- then on sunday it's 6 p.m. and towing will begined in the secured vehicle zones to remove cars parked on the street. certain exemptions will be made for residents that have special city issued placards and first phase of towing stretches in the light green area from art museum southeast to beyond city hall. >> new jersey governor chris christie is declaring state of emergency for pope's visit and executive order he signed today authorizes use of national guard. it allows the state to change traffic flow on roadways and that may be particularly relevant to camden since the ben traffic lynn will be shut
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down from cars beginning 10 p.m. next thursday. you want to visit our web site at where we've made a special section of all the news about the pope so you can have one stop shopping to get all the latest details. other news is breaking news from arizona tonight. where a suspect has been taken into custody for a stripping of shootings along a bringsy freewaych the information was fweeted out by governor a short time ago we don't know who the suspect is or how he or she were captured. there's 11 confirmed shootings involving vehicles along interstates since 9 of august. police are set to hold a news conference within the hour to release more details it. amazingly no one was seriously hurt by that sniper but the arrest will no doubt bring enormous renreev that community. >> philadelphia police say they have bust aid car theft
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operation that was shipping stolen vehicles to liberia. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at police headquarters tonight. chad pradelli. sdwrim, place tell me this was a sophisticated auto theft ring that was in operation for at least a year. and how many cars were sfolen is unclear. but late last night the detectives moved in and took down the ring. >> only "action news" was there as the philadelphia police major crimes auto squad took down international car theft ring. police say they had three suspects barbu gay gay and sterling idokoke under surveillance watch them load three stolen vehicles into a shipping container bound for west africa. >> a lot of vehicles are much more valuable in other countr countries that don't have the same access to those vehicles and so it would make a lot more money and vehicles over sea sfwlz the ring was under investigation for several months after a 20 15 range
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rover similar to this and similar to enters rental dmp west palm beach florida. >> the suv had gps tracking device and police say gay gay a liberian is ring leader and all the trio and others are suspected of stealing 14 high end vehicles valued at more than 500,000. and the ring would steal vehicles from rental companies by using bogus oyk or other accomplices claim the cars were stolen and one crime sources say a 2015 the 11 porche was stole frn a home in montgomery down they. a key was made by employee of local dealership and the vehicles will be placed in shipping containers at warehouse on unit block of oregon avenue and truck to port of elizabeth near new york naj new jersey main shipping hub to rivalry coast. >> again it's been looking into
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it the last year. so again that's what they do and they do it well. >> than investigation is still very much ongoing and police tell me there will be many moore rests. i'm live outside police headquarters chad pradelli "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad. calvary arrived and new castle county police mounted patrol is now deployed in rodney square in downtown wilmington. that comes in response to the murder there on monday. 25-year-old thomas coting ham was stabbed to death when he snepd to save a mother and her baby from a knife-wielding. >> he was a helper that's what he did. i don't want nobody judging me because how my brother dressed what he rookd like or listened to the clothes don't make the person it's the heart my brother had the biggest heart.
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>> calvin hooker iii was charged with the murder. >> tredyffrin arrested a fortune teller about bilking a client out of -- >> the plaque set on and no one was appsing the door this evening main line psychic lancaster avenue in devon. and the proprietor according to police is this woman 5 56-year-old samantha sam signoff self proclaimed adviser and she offers a 10% special and authorities say one victim found out what the balancing is all about. >> through the proption of fortune telling and kind of healing that could be associated for fortune telling and lighting candles this defendant took advantage of this victim for upwards of
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24,000. >> police state victim advised she was in important health and going through a bad def ors. she needed money to perform rituals. 214,000 later the victim said nothing ever improved and got worse and decided to call police. >> neighbors say segnoff never seem to be doing work. >> parties late into the night. >> signof drove her around in fancy cars and could that pay for for services rendered. >> why do you drive fancy car and cannot pay. >> we're concerned there may be other victims out there. >> if you were a victim you're asked to call tready fin police. meanwhile sayingnoff is charmed by theft by decision and fortune teller. she's on unsecure bail and awaiting preliminary hearing. i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." can. >> still to come on "action news" tonight philadelphia police make aquick arrest in
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shooting of brother and sister tonight. and plus investigators solve mystery of doddler girl found dead on boss stan area beach. it's not october yet. but one of philadelphia's most haunted attractions opened its prison doors. cecily. >> whether has not about sdair scary lately. past 40 days in the 80 areas and tracking weather in the weekend. details in the accuweather forecasting. plus, "high school huddle" and forecasting. plus, "high school huddle" and eagles hut ul
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>> philadelphia police have arrested begun nan double shooting tonight at 27 and snyder. he's just 15 years old. the victims meanwhile are 16-year-old boy and his 19-year-old sister and, doctors are receipting both now at penn presbyterian hospital and victims are expected to surviv survive. >> looking for a suspect in a deadly shooting in north philadelphia 9: 15 on 2600 block of north 7th street, 3
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34-year-old man struck several times and the victim has not been identified. her name was bella and it's been nearly 3 months since body of little girl was found stuffed in a bag on beach near boston. tonight we know who she is. presidential and who police say is to blame. mother's boyfriend michael mccarthy is charged with murder and little girl's mother rochel bond is behind bars. >> we almccarthy caused bella's death and did soyn tension alley and that he and bond took specific steps to keep bella's death 'a secret and to avoid prosecution. >> her body was found june 25 because no one ever reported her missing police used a computer generated image to help find out who she was. >> president barack obama has knowledge dated eric fanning to be the new secretary of army and if the senate confirms him fanning would become the first
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openly gay secretary of u.s. military branch. he served under secretary of air force and chief of staff to secretary of defense ash carter. hip-hop artist and philadelphia native freeway was forced to pull out of a highly anticipated concert tomorrow after suffering kidney failure ever the 37-year-old rapper was rushed to a local hospital wednesday where he underwent emergency dialysis. freeway was set to headline free fest at electric factory ray quan from rutan will number his place. >> philadelphia's most terrifying haunted houses is on for business. terror behind the walls kicked off the fifth season tonight and visittors can decide whether to explore the rizon or interact with zombie inmate f they make that choice they could be grabbed or even sent into hidden passage ways where more terror awaits them.
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>> awesome. >> i love that stuff. >> this whole thing runs through november 7. used to go to that. then you stopped right? >> i go there. >> it was too scary. >> go there and bates motel now. >> you do? >> i do both. >> this is the mother in the basement rocking in the chair. >> there's something new every year yum jumping out at awe. it's scary in the beginning and gets better. >> kids like it. >> i go without the kids they're too young i go with adults. >> let's talk about the weather. >> he's only 9 too young. >> stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have dry conditions on this friday night. and very comfortable. 71 in philadelphia. allentown 63. millville 64. reading and tren tone currently 68. satellite 6 and action radar showing we are clear. if you look out across the midwest, though, there's a cold front that is moving to the east. and this is what we'll be rol
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rolling through here early sunday morning and limited moisture and with that the cold front kicks low pressure out to sea and that's currently over florida. all in all a really nice weekend. tomorrow will stay warm and slightly more muggy with winds out of southwest. 86. that front flies through sunday morning seeing clouds in the morning and afternoon sunshine and cool were a high of 78 degrees. and looks like we'll be in the 7 0s right through next week as we welcome in ought m. there's this last weekend of summer. if you like the summer warmth we got it tomorrow. mostly sunny and high of 86 degrees and again slightly more humid than today with dew points generally in low to mid 60s. sunday looking pretty nice. we'll wake up with clouds and perhaps a sprinkle or two and sunshine and great weather for eagles game against cowboys and also nice weather for union game 78 the high on surprised and monday, we'll see clouds with some sunshine and only about a 20% chance of shower
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and 74 degrees and pretty much same weather on tuesday. little bit unsettled clouds and sunshine and high of 76. as yom kippur begins tuesday night. wednesday 4:20 autumnal equino equinox. ed to cooler, 79, thursday, 79 and sun mixing with clouds and high of 76 on friday. >> if you like summer warmth we have one more day of it 86 tomorrow and then temperatures dropping to 70s. starting to feel more like fall next week. >> if you ever wanted to be on the game show "wheel of fortune" here's the chance. wheel mobile is in atlantic city. the 6abc president and general manager bernie prazenica was on hand to welcome the show the wheel mobile is 36 foot long win beg owe that gives viewers a close-up look at the show and have a chance of becoming a contestant. auditions will be held saturday
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with no demarco murry and des bryant is hurt and that will not affect how eagle as approach this game. >> you prepare for the system. you obviously understand the players you're going against and we have a lot of respect for those running backs we have there. and again they have the same offensive line and same quarterback and they're running similar plays. >> 15 games left for phillies before the long season comes to close. in atlanta tonight parenting 1 101. play video games and eat m & ms all days. >> flashing power the other way. solo homer hit 90 this season. game tide at 1. two in atlanta her era lays down the bunt. runners out at the plate. >> new surprise for flyers is almost upon us. dave haskell opened up training
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camp for the team. they have to get these guys together quickly. the first of the game is monday the surprise opener less than three weeks. flyers are happy to be back on the ice. >> if you don't make the playoff your summer slonger and you are waiting for the summer to end and camp to start and then after they get that first day in i think it's good to be back again. >> i've been looking forward to this day to get out and be on the ice with the players. >> bunt is spelled bunt someone spelled it on my script wrong. >> there was a lindenwald memorial. they gaermed to remember prisoners of war and those missing in action. the event took place in front of a wall bearing names of dozens of soldiers from camden county who were held captive or
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remain missing. >> this couple is off to weekend gets away courtsey of long-port rimingon of new jersey. patrick matisti and his wife sasha headed to the shore for a well deserved vacation. patrick served our country say marine for eight years. he was wounded in combat and a couple wanted to get away thanks to essay submitted to couple wanted to get away thanks to essay submitted to patrick's wife
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. >> "high school huddle" with jeff skversky is next on channel 6. followed by "jimmy kimmel live" even "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, have a rogers and entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, have a good night and a great weekend.
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>> cecily that arm is getting stronger every week. she must be working out. welcome to 6abc high school hudzle i'm jeff skversky and a lot of games to get to from the city to shore to burbs you name it including game of week. plymouth whitemarsh and norristown an a star athlete getting national attention on the gridiron and on the diamond. the gridiron and on the diamond. huddle kicks off in 60 seconds.


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